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ITT I give you three options for girl and house combinations. Pick one    09/18/18  (123)
ITT: I rate poasters as a video game. Or console. (cowgod)    09/18/18  (80)
Getting dangerously close to just quitting job.    09/18/18  (68)
NYT: "Before I say 'I Do', a Word to the Exes"    09/18/18  (50)
Watching 40-something y/o men trying to charm a hot young 20s spinner bartender    09/18/18  (50)
How the fuck did Rs not understand the importance of SCOTUS after Bork    09/18/18  (41)
Finally! Something women are better at than men... pedaling a bike 184 mph    09/18/18  (39)
I've wasted my professional life and continue to do so    09/18/18  (33)
Legit getting a divorce, what are the cr next asset protection moves I make?    09/18/18  (31)
LIBS LOSE AGAIN!    09/18/18  (29)
I'm a genuinely nice person but have no friends.    09/18/18  (28)
how hard to replace bathroom fan?    09/18/18  (28)
Who even watches the NFL anymore?    09/18/18  (22)
does god really have a big white beard?    09/18/18  (22)
Sesame Street creator exiled for wrongthink.    09/18/18  (21)
Rating the first FOUR poasters to respond as cute high school girls...    09/18/18  (21)
Well, the Ford thing is over - she refuses to testify. Welcome to SCOTUS Brett.    09/18/18  (20)
lib (shitlib) ideas i actually support    09/18/18  (19)
the gospels don't say a whole lot    09/18/18  (19)
/*\ TRUMP CURSE ALERT /*\ Jim Carrey accused of sexual assault    09/18/18  (19)
it's pretty simple, we all have enormous attachment issues    09/18/18  (18)
Can we please just give shitlibs Bert and Ernie faggotry so they can chill out?    09/18/18  (17)
German women fucked a lot in Berlin in 1945 - link    09/18/18  (17)
New Body cam shows another pig shooting an unarmed black dude    09/18/18  (16)
Vid of dude getting MUGGED and BEAT THE FUCK UP in San Francisco:    09/18/18  (16)
Been reading about koi farming in Japan - seems chill as fuck    09/18/18  (16)
at least spaceporn is a good poster. nyuug fucking sucks    09/18/18  (15)
holy shit did NOT know babel pissed god off so much    09/18/18  (14)
Chandler, Kenny, Luis, and CSLG - over 220 cases now (CSLG)    09/18/18  (14)
POLL: when is the last time you shit your pants?    09/18/18  (13)
Kavanaugh: "What happens at Georgetown Prep stays at Georgetown prep"    09/18/18  (13)
We went from Kitty Hawk to Apollo 11 in 65 years    09/18/18  (13)
what's your favorite sport to watch, non-wagering?    09/18/18  (12)
Chad | Steven | Melvin    09/18/18  (11)
Best tippers: Republican men in the Northeast. Shitlibs, why?    09/18/18  (11)
cool it with the antisemitic remarks    09/18/18  (11)
Lindsey Graham on Fox News just said the Polish people are smart    09/18/18  (11)
universal literacy was a massive mistake    09/18/18  (10)
Goddamnit, latest Bojack is even sadder than previous Bojack Horsemans    09/18/18  (10)
Susan Lucci Pics - hot! She is 71 yrs old    09/18/18  (9)
Does Mazie Hirono have the lowest IQ in Congress?    09/18/18  (9)
not gonna lie the term cumskin triggers me, especially when NYUUG says it    09/18/18  (9)
"bad faith" is really the new shitlib phrase du jour, suddenly used everywhere    09/18/18  (9)
I would have made a great Navy SEAL    09/18/18  (9)
Trump didnt even want Kavanaugh. Made deal with Kennedy that went sour    09/18/18  (9)
Had a 330pm interview call. Didn't answer. They called me at 430pm and    09/18/18  (9)
Just whacked off to a cartoon chick in Archer    09/18/18  (9)
"Tee-hee, I'm a COMMUNIST and I'm in ANTIFA and I work at GOOGLE"    09/18/18  (9)
Once boomers die off, "charities" are going to be a thing of the past right?    09/18/18  (8)
corey wayne is 5'8" & bald but makes more $ & bangs more chicks than u ever will    09/18/18  (8)