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my new lawyer SEEKING SANCTIONS on opposing party (soon-to-be ex-wife)    10/16/17  (81)
Holy shit snopes mentions are greatbort!    10/16/17  (59)
How many times has the post-USO season determined YE#1? #tennis    10/16/17  (47)
App slut is studying for the LSAT, insists there's such thing as "art law"    10/16/17  (37)
Former S&C Lit Shrew Weds Her S&C Lit Partner, 2 USDJs Officiate (NYT)    10/16/17  (36)
When did this site turn to shit?    10/16/17  (35)
RATE This Body (SFW)    10/16/17  (33)
Married/Relationshipmos: Do You Think The "Five Love Languages" Shit Is CR?    10/16/17  (28)
Today I PWNED the EVER-LIVING SHIT out of Gen-X supervisor    10/16/17  (28)
Men literally destroy sex robot within minutes    10/16/17  (28)
Are MBB consultants super happy with their jobs?    10/16/17  (27)
Dork HLS Magna DDC Clerk & Cute Dorky Shikse Meet 1 Time At Band Camp, Wed (NYT)    10/16/17  (23)
Trump states that will turn blue in 2020    10/16/17  (22)
Trump predicts Sotomayor dies soon    10/16/17  (22)
Great news - CA signs milestone gender-recognition bill for nonbinary people    10/16/17  (22)
RATE this bikini babe walking the plank!    10/16/17  (21)
The world would be different if our genitals were on our faces    10/16/17  (20)
Which of these DC living situations would you choose?    10/16/17  (20)
So...the "me too" thing is sexist as fuck, right? It seems to be women-only.    10/16/17  (20)
Laptop been "restarting" for 10 minutes, how do I shut it down?    10/16/17  (20)
Loving your job: GC flame or not?    10/16/17  (19)
psychiatrist asked me what my weekends look like    10/16/17  (18)
Wife just posted "me too". We've been dating since high school and she's never    10/16/17  (18)
Hillary breaks toe in London    10/16/17  (17)
Why can't Alabama recruit qb's that are potential NFL prospects?    10/16/17  (17)
Visiting SF the first weekend of November    10/16/17  (17)
Should I spend 3K on stomach liposuction????    10/16/17  (15)
sam hyde gives shoutout to XO in latest video    10/16/17  (15)
Is blade runner worth seeing in imax?    10/16/17  (15)
Cheap Jews At Shabbat Lunch Starved Us Like Goyim. Really Bizarre.    10/16/17  (15)
FireFox has a separate, built-in DNS cache.    10/16/17  (15)
RATE KAAST Naked (PIC) #ironside    10/16/17  (14)
If Thomas retires, are there any prominent black conservabros to replace him?    10/16/17  (14)
Why not first strike Nuke North Korea?    10/16/17  (14)
Prole 36yo Art History Prof Shrew Weds "Gender Neutral Honorific" "Guy" (NYT)    10/16/17  (13)
cr to be online public intellectual like Razib Khan?    10/16/17  (13)
Hypo: $1m but black men in bowties will argue about Kaepernick around u 1 hr eac    10/16/17  (13)
Rate this Indian wedding couple    10/16/17  (12)
34yo Jew Dentist (Emory, Upenn) Weds Formerly Hot 33yo Marketing Jewess (NYT)    10/16/17  (12)
Rate this WHITE WOMAN's tearful APPOLOGY to BLACK VICTIM of FOX NEWS interview.    10/16/17  (11)
Was coke out on Thur night and got REALLLY close to fucking F2M tranny    10/16/17  (11)
anyone here work as a data analyst    10/16/17  (11)
Impossible 2016 election trivia question    10/16/17  (11)
what's the lib/feminist response to "men are victimized more than women?"    10/16/17  (11)
have i been outted yet    10/16/17  (11)
Would you rather date a cheerful, latina prole barista or overworked shrew attor    10/16/17  (10)
Sarah Silverman PWNS prole goyim Trump supporters in new Hulu series (video)    10/16/17  (10)
Rach, what is your number one all time favorite moment on the bort?    10/16/17  (10)
19 year old sharklasers introducing pink haired sjw bbw to 32 yo persian lawyer    10/16/17  (10)
Would This Clay Court PIC Be Best Tagged As #ironside Or #tennis Or Both?    10/16/17  (10)