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By unhinged pumos about you Past 6 hrs / 24 hrs / week / month
when there is no more room in hell, pumos will spam the board    12/12/17  (1)
lol so the new Star Wars kills off Luke Skywalker? Fanboys will be IRATE    12/12/17  (6)
Moore wants to end birthrite citizenship. Libs think this means    12/12/17  (4)
mpa, come itt pls    12/12/17  (6)
boy ltc is just plugging away today    12/12/17  (12)
Aliens arrive & say: "We are just here to refuel our ship. Take us to Peterman."    12/12/17  (2)
Crypto is utter insanity    12/12/17  (5)
Just imagine what pussy and sex was like for most of human existence    12/12/17  (111)
Don't drink too much at the holiday party! Expecting 12 billables tomorrow!    12/12/17  (47)
caught self singing "da na na na na Inspector Faggot" under my breath in public    12/12/17  (4)
Reminder gin blossoms fired guy who wrote their hits stole his % & he killedself    12/12/17  (13)
Idea for Nathan for You episode (twins)    12/12/17  (17)
A sellmo's a cuck who sold their ETH, also known as a nocoiner    12/12/17  (5)
dangerous and uncertain times    12/12/17  (3)
Colt, Im getting gaped on LONE...I need assurances    12/12/17  (3)
chandler i'll send you some eth IF and ONLY IF    12/12/17  (1)
Me'nah really care what sellcucks say. Me'nah really care what them wan' do.    12/12/17  (2)
   12/12/17  (5)
this site is an albacore around my neck (julia)    12/12/17  (82)
Sellmo cuck opening wallet as he opened wife's vagina for buymo bull    12/12/17  (30)
And the LORD saw the evil in Silicon Valley and said "I will destroy this place"    12/12/17  (49)
Lightweight Senator Kirsten Gillibrand    12/12/17  (1)
colt: I'm done w/ biglaw. Bonus season: get back in    12/12/17  (2)
how the FUCK have i never heard this royksopp & robyn song before? holy shit    12/12/17  (4)
In Bizarro World, Watkins & Latham partners await sunob news    12/12/17  (6)
2.5x as many votes cast in Alabama GOP primary than Dem primary    12/12/17  (10)
Interview thread: Amateur Millennial Reindeer Porn discusses sex parties    12/12/17  (10)
Demanding a biglaw bonus from my firm bc ITS ALL THERE IS ON ESRTH    12/12/17  (2)
*Hands you cigar, coffee, copy of WSJ* *Welcums u to NO SHITLIBs    12/12/17  (163)
/*\/*\ LEAKED SULLIVAN & CROMWELL BONUS MEMO /*\/*\    12/12/17  (4)
Nothing more humbling as an Ivy League grad than applying for a Government job    12/12/17  (22)
"Excuse a muah, seafood play..." (Julia in Paris)    12/12/17  (14)
guys have you heard that beatles song "when Im 46"? (JCM)    12/12/17  (5)
Band of brothers theme plays as u blank bump a Charlie brown tp blank bump    12/12/17  (38)
"God damnit, psychoplasmics is a ripoff!"    12/12/17  (7)
*engages in mentally ill behavior*    12/12/17  (8)
I <3 Bryan Adams great 90s song about life in the 70s, Summer of 69 (JCM)    12/12/17  (5)
I am now living as a Gay Female    12/12/17  (1)
Pole tell: the story of Julia    12/12/17  (3)
colt did you fuck a babby into your wife last night?    12/12/17  (39)
JCM & Box perfectly scissoring on beat to Dance of Eternity's 108 time changes    12/12/17  (50)
****OSLERS BONUS ANNOUNCEMENT AT 11 AM*****    12/12/17  (2)
In life, either some hottie thinks of you during Strawberry Wine or they dont    12/12/17  (2)
I prefer pole and line caught tuna, for all intensive porpoises (Julia)    12/12/17  (3)
*spends the entire day daydreaming about giant cube grids and men fucking*    12/12/17  (5)
*Steve Bannon taming wolves and spreading Gospel in old Ireland*    12/12/17  (1)
*kisses girl under mistletoe @Christmas party* *fired from jerb years later for    12/12/17  (3)
JCM: "I <3 this Smashing Pumpkins song, 2000"    12/12/17  (6)
Reddit Top 4 Photos of the Day    12/12/17  (8)
Trumpcucks nervous abt election in ALABAMA, deny 2018 will be GOP holocaust, why    12/12/17  (1)
Need to become financially independent. How?    12/12/17  (19)
Found an adderall!!!!!!    12/12/17  (4)
are you, or do you know someone, who suffers from nocoin?    12/12/17  (8)
*twins whispering like Sith lord into grad students' ear*: "you're a God now.    12/12/17  (4)
2017 XO YEAR IN REVIEW - BEST THREADS    12/12/17  (92)
ARE Reptile-does Putin get blowback for mafia shit like killing Magnitzky lawyer    12/12/17  (17)
so is rach ever coming back or is xo Lord of the Flies again?    12/12/17  (1)
HoldUp and I naming our first child 'Adolf Luis Faggot'    12/12/17  (11)
*grabs holdups hand and dives naked into snowbank*    12/12/17  (7)
Kids try to put hat on Frosty. Frosty: "I will not wear it!"    12/12/17  (11)
Black guys taking heat now too: donovan mcnabb and marshall faulk accused of    12/12/17  (1)
Just took a xanax, had a few sips of coffee and took an enormous dump    12/12/17  (13)
U.S. Stocks Havent Been This Overbought in 22 Years    12/12/17  (40)
Official tranny Snapchat username thread    12/12/17  (45)
Why did Sessions drop money laundering case vs Magnitsky's killers?    12/12/17  (3)
night of whiskey, morning hot cup of coffee and a newspaper    12/12/17  (2)
You liberal artists are no match for our literal autists!    12/12/17  (11)
Remember when Russian thugs threw a guy out a window & Sessions settled their $$    12/12/17  (18)
Damaging Trump tape to be released soon    12/12/17  (4)
Trump's #MeToo moment is coming today (link)    12/12/17  (58)
Just invested in Litecoin    12/12/17  (5)
Bump this when Kushner is indicted for money laundering.    12/12/17  (6)
I follow politics for the amusement - just to see personalities clash, and    12/12/17  (1)
This Russian "money laundering" shit isn't even real money laundering    12/12/17  (13)
The amount of money dirty Russians laundered thru Trump & his family is obscene.    12/12/17  (2)
Adult temper tantrums    12/12/17  (8)
bigger laughable crock of shit: "legal scholarship" or "psychoanalysis"?    12/12/17  (5)
SONIC THE HEDGEHOG makes it rich with MOMENTUM TRADING    12/12/17  (1)
No dark sarcasm in the fraudroom    12/12/17  (2)
Does Roy Moore stand a chance?    12/12/17  (1)
Reminder: Obama asked British Intelligence to spy on Trump    12/12/17  (7)
Mueller weaponizes Microsoft Word    12/12/17  (15)
Yukio Mishima would have been Alt Right    12/12/17  (2)
Punch a NIGGER with an open wound. Get GRIDS. Die.    12/12/17  (1)
If I strike rich, I'll create a trust in favor of my immediate family then    12/12/17  (1)
STAR WARS ep IX spoiler: a Luke Skywalker is det    12/12/17  (4)
I wish someone would grope me    12/12/17  (5)
Jim Norton    12/12/17  (1)
Girllllll - you'll be a tenth year - shrew. Girlllll - you won't cop bruuuunch    12/12/17  (7)
Stable time-loop where last white dork genius creates first Azngirl.    12/12/17  (4)
Asian friend updated fb status to in a relationship    12/12/17  (1)
From the creatures lab that brought you "Jimmy Carter swamp rabbit"    12/12/17  (2)
Scientific racism is all well and good, but what of artistic racism?    12/12/17  (6)
Kafka's the Hunger Artist - starring Gabriella Sidibe    12/12/17  (2)
after talking to CSLG I gave clients I'm working w/ my cell. they now call me    12/12/17  (1)
The 12 diet cokes of Christmas, a Xmas Carol by D J Trump, Make Xmas Great Again    12/12/17  (4)
*group of TRIAL LAWYERS doing one-handed shotgun pumps in sequence*    12/12/17  (12)
Breaking: Roy Moore turned down opportunity to fuck underage girls in Vietnam    12/12/17  (5)
Cory Booker going to resign in disgrace soon.    12/12/17  (26)
Donald Knuth sending checks for every unstomped bird you find    12/12/17  (6)
thick fat flabby pale office milf ASS    12/12/17  (1)
"That's Doctor Raglan! That's Psychoplasmics!"    12/12/17  (6)
Most amazing thing about DTP is his utter lack of empathy for others.    12/12/17  (18)
It still baffles me how even our bort libs regularly eat up MSM talking point    12/12/17  (8)
cancelled an exchange on amzn, but they left the gift balance    12/12/17  (1)
finally withdrew my green card petition for soon-to-be ex-wife    12/12/17  (22)
captcha, iOS cam - training AI to evac you from meatspace /w extreme prejudice    12/12/17  (4)
From the special effects team that brought you "President Barack Obama"...    12/12/17  (2)
Heartburn sufferers get ITT    12/12/17  (20)
"I work for DOUG JONES, you cocksucker! Doug Jones!"    12/12/17  (2)
About to boof an adderall and start my day    12/12/17  (45)
My aunt made fun of me for living with my parents at 26    12/12/17  (20)
Breaking News: Sen. Gillibrand Calls on Trumo to Resign!    12/12/17  (47)
I will volunteer to fly to Saturn if you give me XO and a golf simulator    12/12/17  (1)
sitting in a dark room chomping addys like pacman    12/12/17  (16)
Crypto was your last chance to avoid the GC (literal) bloodbath of 2020-2030    12/12/17  (16)
so the Dem nominee for Alabama is Dougie Jones?    12/12/17  (1)
twins, believe it or not, this is exactly what i needed to see on xoxo this morn    12/12/17  (6)
Rate this SoCal chick in her 20s SFW    12/12/17  (5)
Julia trying to run the bleeding heart kike shtick IRL really turns me on    12/12/17  (1)
last minute Moore attack ad: Doug Jones with a live baby asking "will it blend?"    12/12/17  (5)
Reminder: If Jones wins, HUGE deal. If Moore wins, nbd, and we don't care.    12/12/17  (1)
Inside a lady's head #wyrm (New Yorker short story)    12/12/17  (13)
last minute Jones attack ad: Roy Moore with a 12-yo girl asking "will it bleed?"    12/12/17  (2)
Roy Moore pulls out of race; new 11th hour GOP candidate "Moy Roore" to run    12/12/17  (3)
Breaking: xo poa booking tickets to Vietnam    12/12/17  (3)
evangelical bros DOMINATING Brazil    12/12/17  (1)
Inspection functions ceaselessly. New poast alerts are everywhere (Focault)    12/12/17  (1)
HAPPY JUDGE ROY MOORE DAY !!!    12/12/17  (1)
''Jason Bourne'' actually based on nutella's crossfit experience    12/12/17  (4)
"And it is in 17th century France that the blank bump emerges," Foucault writes    12/12/17  (2)
this structure - implicit in the scheme of ordered blankbumping - has suffused    12/12/17  (3)
*Watson Legal overheats considering no mutual assent defense to rape contract*    12/12/17  (2)
Brad Pitt mysteriously not fighting hard for custody of twenty black kids (link)    12/12/17  (32)
There's a ridiculous gap bt 140 and 160iq    12/12/17  (50)
Trump was callous when he called gold star mom. Btw let's go to war with Russia    12/12/17  (11)
Powercucking isn't about cucking, it is about power.    12/12/17  (2)
Your future x wife freezes, Chad DNA loading screen visible in pupils    12/12/17  (4)
Think IQ is Important? Not So Fast, Says Famed Academic Noah Smith (link)    12/12/17  (4)
Disgusting that Dan Savage is paraded about as some sort of moral authority    12/12/17  (5)
Trump calls the Niger ambush ''absolutely devastating'' while winking    12/12/17  (2)
wife walks in on you passed out drunk, asmr videos on repeat    12/12/17  (17)
Guy I know moved from abroad to NYC for mail order bride    12/12/17  (5)
John kerry came surprisingly close in '04 considering his rancid TTT campaign    12/12/17  (10)
gf won't go to sleep because she's 'worried the bees are dying'    12/12/17  (9)
I am gay and can tell you for sure that penis size is extremely important    12/12/17  (7)
I'm going to have a field day once Lomachenko creampies Rigondeaux    12/12/17  (12)

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