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Wife demanding I give her xmas money for presents for bus driver, PE teacher, Ar    12/11/17  (23)
Pic of Port Authority Bomber    12/11/17  (19)
Terrorists just exploded a bomb at Port Authority    12/11/17  (69)
Oberlin demands justice for black students who beat, robbed racist baker.    12/11/17  (18)
Dresses that require <><>NO PANTIES<><><>    12/11/17  (106)
If you're not a shitlib and you don't support Drakemallard come ITT    12/11/17  (10)
Theresa May tweeting "NO U!"    12/11/17  (1)
still recovering from another morally depraved sexual romp i had on Sat. night    12/11/17  (145)
What's with all of the 110 IQ lawyers here idolizing Hemingway?    12/11/17  (6)
can't believe drakemallard is a true believer finance tard    12/11/17  (38)
Foil heads: why would the black ops employees crisis actors    12/11/17  (7)
"See something, say something. But it better not be racist, Islamophobic, or.."    12/11/17  (1)
this drakemallard devastation is why you don't fuck with the jews    12/11/17  (8)
Any sexi mamis here love the look on their mans face when they push back on dat    12/11/17  (1)
Drakemallard spammer: What is your end goal here?    12/11/17  (120)
10 Things Every White Nationalist NOWAG Should Ask On a First Date    12/11/17  (3)
Evan39, know he want my slime, call my ass divine - grocery store girl freestyle    12/11/17  (2)
Go to "By You" and post the last thread on the first page    12/11/17  (31)
do you take escorts on dates or do they just show up to ur house and fuck you    12/11/17  (23)
2017 XO YEAR IN REVIEW - BEST THREADS    12/11/17  (54)
Remember when that guy shot up 58 people at a Las Vegas concert?    12/11/17  (20)
What is the typical cost of mining one bitcoin right now?    12/11/17  (21)
Is this a good looking jacket    12/11/17  (14)
We can now confirm that a compliance officer was killed by the blast    12/11/17  (2)
10 Things Every Intersectional Feminist Should Ask On a First Date    12/11/17  (78)
Boomers like ray kurzweil who think they will live forever    12/11/17  (6)
Shitlaw firm sues employees for % of BTC gains made from trades on firm computer    12/11/17  (2)
Would you be a sugar daddy?    12/11/17  (7)
37 year old Charlie Brown sobbing, balancing shotgun btwn legs in motel bathtub    12/11/17  (16)
Mario Batali faces leave after sex misconduct allegations    12/11/17  (1)
Obama: "PAAAHKEESTAHN", "ISIL"    12/11/17  (18)
Remember, this has nothing to do w/Islam, but w/people feeling excluded    12/11/17  (1)
Ggtp sitting at in house cubicle *record scratch freeze frame* u may b wondering    12/11/17  (5)
After a while I've noticed GC stops being empathetic and as caring for you    12/11/17  (61)
Would you give your life for your employer?    12/11/17  (18)
Bort Authority Bomber    12/11/17  (1)
Garfield eating entire bottle of sleeping pills. Jon: "You really hate Mondays!"    12/11/17  (8)
Why are some men so stupid???    12/11/17  (1)
Bird Stomper stands with bungling Bangladesh subway suicide bomber    12/11/17  (2)
Theeeeeee hills are alive, with the sound of NIGGERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR
   12/11/17  (11)
Serious Q: How do you know if someone is a swinger    12/11/17  (5)
Terrorist reportedly heard telling police the Golden Globe noms were too white    12/11/17  (2)
British Muslims Fear Backlash After Tomorrow's Train Bombing    12/11/17  (162)
NASA just located a dyson sphere - NOT FLAME (link)    12/11/17  (3)
tell me about TURKS & CAICOS please    12/11/17  (5)
*explosion* "Not all-- " *another explosion* "what?" "I said not all Mu--&q    12/11/17  (1)
I know you! I walked with you once upon a BUZZBUZZBUZZ WAKE UP hehe youre late    12/11/17  (1)
Africa begins at Calais.    12/11/17  (1)
BREAKING: port authority terrorist left islam. Wasn't a real Muslim    12/11/17  (2)
Trump: a one-term gameshow host potus elected with a minority of the vote    12/11/17  (15)
Mario Balotelli matriculating at Cardozo Law    12/11/17  (2)
Epic vid of Loma mouthing the words "no mas" before Rigo quits. (link)    12/11/17  (3)
Even in the niggest nigger- at core there is insecurity and unknowing    12/11/17  (2)
Mario Batali going to be the next big figure to go down on sex assault stories    12/11/17  (4)
Still don't know anything about Las Vegas shooting. lawman8 = vindicated    12/11/17  (1)
Each bitcoin transaction uses enough electricity to power a home for 9 days lmao    12/11/17  (29)
"my crypto wallet!" askav wailed as his mom sold his toy cash register at yard s    12/11/17  (5)
Big plus that most Muslim raghead terrorist bros are completely fucking inept    12/11/17  (9)
Thoughts on this SWANUS? (Pic)    12/11/17  (67)
WLMAS. Will you killself if Trump isnt indicted/impeached?    12/11/17  (4)
Peterman is so dumb he lets me have sex with him for free. Fuckin idiot.    12/11/17  (2)
NFL is rigged, likely by Trump    12/11/17  (2)
Peterman to RSF: "Brutal threads, I feel ya.... I do suck off truckers though."    12/11/17  (4)
NYC should start giving daily terror attack reports like weather reports    12/11/17  (1)
Me, RSF and DM chilling at a One & Only with our lives ruined on autoadmit    12/11/17  (5)
RATE my 4 day tinder date with a Danish teenager (pics)    12/11/17  (185)
*peterman hanging a mistle toe on rear view mirror* arent you gonna kiss me?    12/11/17  (2)
Colt: French food is total shit. Ever eat a Croissan'wich from BK?    12/11/17  (66)
"This is my asshole. It brings men pleasure." Peterman said in a monotone.    12/11/17  (23)
Police "find" tape of Corey Feldman naming molesters in 1993 investigation    12/11/17  (5)
the official chandler solo practice watch thread    12/11/17  (26)
Religion of Peace strikes NYC Times Square    12/11/17  (1)
Ronald Reagan was one of the worst presidents of all time.    12/11/17  (9)
Auschwitz is now flooded with mainland chink tourists    12/11/17  (6)
So how many millions under the table was Rigo paid?    12/11/17  (1)
Terrorist wakes up excepting heaven with 40 virgins; smells piss-laden NYC subwa    12/11/17  (1)
just do $20 dollar pipe bomb costing society $125 million dollars    12/11/17  (8)
Do any HONEST Trumpcucks want to admit the Deutsche Bank thing scares them?    12/11/17  (60)
xo 2017 could easily field a comedy writing room superior to any show out rn    12/11/17  (4)
Don't even care that u ghosted me anymore. Just let me know you're safe dammit.    12/11/17  (3)
How the FUCK did language actually develop.    12/11/17  (14)
33 year old Doug Funnie sighs as Amazon lists his exit bag delivery as "delayed"    12/11/17  (3)
So fat 40 year old Indian guy with white hair with good-looking white girl    12/11/17  (1)
Muslim comedian dons fake suicide vest during standup routine (link)    12/11/17  (1)
Why doesn't lomachenko fight bud crawford    12/11/17  (34)
cant stand the sophistry at my AA meetings    12/11/17  (23)
Obama just tweeted "Cool pipe, Ahmed!"    12/11/17  (1)
Chamber of Commerce should put out a hit on CSLG and his shitlaw friends    12/11/17  (1)
compliance officer down! I repeat compliance officer down!    12/11/17  (3)
BOBBY DIGITAL here. I've planned your deluxe tour of Charleston, SC    12/11/17  (13)
Premature exploding bomb, premature ejaculation: The Ahmed Story    12/11/17  (1)
Not flame some white shrew gave up her seat on the train for a black guy.    12/11/17  (7)
Who was Lomachenko's most ambitious fight? Gary Russell Jr.? Lol    12/11/17  (6)
Putin arrives in Syria to celebrate victory over IS with Assad    12/11/17  (1)
Is there a Russiagate-denying Trumpcuck whose boihole 'wlmas' hasnt destroyed?    12/11/17  (1)
We had no spark but I still care about you. Simple "I'm OK" is that so difficult    12/11/17  (1)
pipe bomb? No we had Ethiopian food for dinner last night. fiber haha    12/11/17  (1)
Just saw the pipe bomb hope you're safe haha. PS Maybe a museum this weekend?    12/11/17  (4)
Corey Wayne: "If I can bang tinder 4's, so can you. I'm BALD!"    12/11/17  (7)
it's a diverse neighborhood, the muzzies here use a diverse array of weapons    12/11/17  (3)
Patriotic leader tears up at national anthem    12/11/17  (5)
Me: enjoying a delicious sandwich w no crust. Lawman8: pipe bombing a HS    12/11/17  (3)
God is great in Arabic - lets BASH this TTT    12/11/17  (20)
CNN is reporting the suspect is a white male, mid-40s, Moore supporter from Alab    12/11/17  (3)
suspect yelled "god is great" suspected Christian white straight male Trump supp    12/11/17  (1)
biz idea: movie about tryhard Frank Grimes type who can't find jerb    12/11/17  (1)
Click on "By You" and write the date of the last post on the first page    12/11/17  (21)
*Therapist sees "Julia" in day planner* "Sigh...." *takes nip of vodka*    12/11/17  (25)
Feel really disgusted by the pussy smell of girls during sex. Is this normal?    12/11/17  (94)
What accounts for the depth of RSF hate? I don't get it    12/11/17  (98)
underrated aspect of 2016 election: EPIC PWNAGE of the Princeton Math NOWAG    12/11/17  (7)
Power Top Firm Seeks Submissive Junior Assoc w/2-3 Years Experience    12/11/17  (5)
My leg got blown off this morning en route to work, thanks libs!    12/11/17  (1)
*twins holding photo of a funky crazy shrew* "Does this maek you hard, hmmm odd    12/11/17  (4)
MPA here with a Hanukkah song FOR YOU    12/11/17  (4)
Fellow libs, join this thread, share how much your Soros checks were last week.    12/11/17  (1)
*faint voice whispers "sheeit, wingardium leviosa yo"* *tv levitates out window*    12/11/17  (8)
Robotic harassment being used to force overworked Japanese to go home    12/11/17  (15)
cam'ron (feat juelz santana & colt) - po'boy    12/11/17  (1)
Reminder: Osama Bin Laden was never captured    12/11/17  (2)
Marks self as safe during Latham conference room Holocaust    12/11/17  (2)
did you start posting after 2010? if you answered yes, retire    12/11/17  (4)
*comes into partner meeting in crutches after minor terrorist event*    12/11/17  (1)
*Marks himself SAFE on Facebook during some random bullshit terrorist event*    12/11/17  (3)
Teen gf: "Oh shit, I missed a period." biglaw: "you shit, you missed a period."    12/11/17  (13)
Visited NYC once guys. I'm safe. Thanks for the thoughts and prayers    12/11/17  (2)
ITT: when you started masturbating and when it peaked in frequency    12/11/17  (15)
The Jews are just giving this porn away. dummies    12/11/17  (24)
T rex was king. Now the chicken is our basic foodstuff. ljl at dinosauria    12/11/17  (6)
RELAX Josh Homme confirmed OK    12/11/17  (7)
Claire Comfort was the hottest woman on autoadmit?    12/11/17  (53)
i sing a song from the dragon show with slightly modified lyrics. (twins).    12/11/17  (1)
Fucked a 19yr old BRAZILIAN coed with a HUGE ASS on Sat. Taking ?s ITT. WGWAG!    12/11/17  (56)
Young Sly Stallone in THE PARTY AT KITTY & COLT'S    12/11/17  (4)
Ggtp i just copped dat in house phone screener. Monday 230 unghhhg    12/11/17  (6)
White rapper DESTROYS black people, Eminem, SJWs in EPIC RAP SONG    12/11/17  (16)
*Trump & Obama, last 2 men in POTUS Rumble, stare across ring at each other*    12/11/17  (14)
been trying to rekindle some languishing friendships lately. feels good.    12/11/17  (8)
Remember when media ripped Trump for saying he'd be neutral on Israel-Palestine?    12/11/17  (1)
99 year old jellyfish found living in NYC fire hydrant    12/11/17  (85)
Rodge Cohen to Keaton Jones: "he's a pal to me & the firm. Want to see bullyin    12/11/17  (1)
Many people stayed in 1995, we chose to leave. LJL    12/11/17  (1)
Bush Sr: Rapist; Bush Jr: Irrelevant; Jeb: Loser; Billy: Jobless; Trump: POTUS!    12/11/17  (2)
lmao economist published study about econjobrumor posts...trigger warning    12/11/17  (26)
Worth more in 2020: 1 btc or one xo account?    12/11/17  (1)
He's so TALL, AUTISTIC AS HELL - he likes MATH and he does it so wel    12/11/17  (22)

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