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STICKY: New account requests   04/09/18  (203)
Daily Stoic, 4/20/18    04/20/18  (1)
lol cant stop laughing when.my snaggletooth kid talks    04/20/18  (1)
smoking fresh tobacco out of a pipe is incredibly 180    04/20/18  (3)
PSA: NIGGER.    04/20/18  (1)
ITT: post your unpopular movie opinions    04/20/18  (217)
luis diesel, cross examining your son, in people v. Halford    04/20/18  (32)
xoxo concession stand now open!    04/20/18  (15)
jfc cut it out everyone, both benzo and tsinah are 180 posters    04/20/18  (8)
Worse idea: Inviting jinx to father-daughter ball or bowling with Adrien Broner?    04/20/18  (11)
50 years ago today someone told the truth about immigration in UK.    04/20/18  (2)
Make irl john rocker a mod    04/20/18  (13)
Redactions don't work at all. Attorneys are fucking idiots.    04/20/18  (11)
"Julia Caesar's Mattress" why are you sucking TSINAH's dick all night?    04/20/18  (3)
Do whites have a Homeland anywhere anymore?    04/20/18  (32)
sun shining birds chirping green grass. mentally ill depressed autistic.    04/20/18  (1)
when someone goes on a bumping spree and you realize you've been here too long    04/20/18  (1)
can someone not mentally ill explain the mr. jinx/whokebe thing    04/20/18  (184)
i have a severe addiction to crypto trading    04/20/18  (8)
make Slot Floppies a mod    04/20/18  (1)
wait is this thing about benzo going to jail today real???    04/20/18  (1)
Andrew Cuomo is undocumented    04/20/18  (1)
*tsinah casually committing felonies*    04/20/18  (4)
Benzo stop shitting up the board. You've already been banned once    04/20/18  (1)
*benzo calling 911 to report online bullying*    04/20/18  (1)
Criteria for being a Real Man    04/20/18  (46)
tsinah can't post here without archiving, blanking his posts, outing and threate    04/20/18  (7)
well, mom, askav is busy developing the infrastructure for white nationalism    04/20/18  (9)
Hillary Clinton, promising 93k in every American's bank account    04/20/18  (11)
Pop punk cover of "c is for cookie" plays over montage of Benzo's booking    04/20/18  (26)
Who stole the cookies from the Subway store? Benzo stole the cookies from the Su    04/20/18  (30)
Libs have completely sanitized and erased Southern culture and heritage    04/20/18  (52)
*GAKKED out Benzo showing his 93k photoshop to Arby's cashier*    04/20/18  (9)
TSINAH: "i really love arguing" *gets 155 on LSAT* *pays sticker at FSU*    04/20/18  (30)
been using dat X instead of CANCEL to NUKE truly 120 THREAD TITLES    04/20/18  (2)
get the display get the display get the display now (to RHCP give it away)    04/20/18  (1)
*tsinahs gonorrhea contracting herpes after pnp orgy with his chlamydia*    04/20/18  (10)
Mom has started calling my dad 'my baby daddy'. She's 62.    04/20/18  (3)
is writing Tone Poems considered TTT by other composers?    04/20/18  (1)
So bye bye 93k online stole the subway display but the Uhaul was dry    04/20/18  (22)
Putin reassuring bondholders with photoshopped $93k account picture    04/20/18  (2)
Is it true that a guy with a 93k checking acct once posted here?    04/20/18  (13)
benzo, what are you going to do with your final 5 hours of freedom for 2 years?    04/20/18  (36)
2008: poasters in court for defaming fellow Yalies. 2018: poasters in court for    04/20/18  (3)
How bad for your career if you take a year long sabbatical from biglaw?    04/20/18  (22)
Real talk: "Spin, rat fucks" is brilliant and 100% catchy IRL    04/20/18  (1)
Do Biglaw Partners ever act like this? Accounting Partner slams underling who    04/20/18  (8)
Hitler actually wasn't that bad    04/20/18  (28)
By this time tomorrow, benzo will be in jail    04/20/18  (7)
What kind of person goes to prison for stealing cookies and gasoline?    04/20/18  (1)
CSLG has higher PPP than 90% of biglaw firms    04/20/18  (7)
@@@@@ HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ADOLF! @@@@@    04/20/18  (2)
PETITION to ban unfunny baby goldstein threads    04/20/18  (5)
CBS2 Investigates: Southland Doctors Defaulting On Student Loans Stick Taxpayers    04/20/18  (1)
Is arkan still stinking up tinychat?    04/20/18  (2)
dont worry benzo, we'll donate to your commissary account so you can get an ipad    04/20/18  (6)
ohnoes taking/giving qs on rocket league, shitcoding, cbb, etc.    04/20/18  (13)
ask yourself: what kind of moron sees a baby goldstein thread and laughs?    04/20/18  (1)
millions of years of evolution so you can make a baby goldstein thread? really??    04/20/18  (1)
DIPSET ASSAD    04/20/18  (2)
duncan donuts was the sociopath quotemo who made "baby goldstein" schtick    04/20/18  (15)
Time to move to a new server    04/20/18  (2)
If you find "baby goldstein" threads funny then you're a less evolved human    04/20/18  (1)
Under a 2 mile wide smoke screen Russia delivers 4 S-300 brigade sets to Assad    04/20/18  (1)
time to retire the baby goldstein thing, it was stupid while it lasted    04/20/18  (1)
I really REALLY fucking hate it when fat women confuse me for a chair    04/20/18  (1)
Crazy how every xo poa's home value has appreciated way ahead of market.    04/20/18  (2)
rach, why the fuck is BLP a mod?    04/20/18  (36)
why is everyone obsessed with HOME OWNERSHIP?    04/20/18  (42)
Just got up. Did lawman8 force BLP to retire or something? What happened?    04/20/18  (3)
nyuug can I become an honorary asian    04/20/18  (5)
"tsinah's into that whole yale thing" "but he got a 148 lsat"    04/20/18  (21)
Recruiter calling me about a 280k jerb with startup, what do    04/20/18  (23)
"started as a bottom, now i'm here" (tsinah at gay conversion camp)    04/20/18  (52)
What exactly did Hitler do wrong? The Jews were trespassing    04/20/18  (23)
good to see some mental illness not being led by lawman8 for once    04/20/18  (4)
So according to shitlibs, Hitler was "bad".    04/20/18  (2)
i literally baited tsinah into committing a crime by making fun of his lsat    04/20/18  (15)
"I've been torn up much worse by a bear." (Tsinah watching the revenant)    04/20/18  (41)
ITT we estimate TSINAH's LSAT    04/20/18  (94)
Hey tsinah, I make more money than you and live in a better city    04/20/18  (56)
CREW CUT | CREW NECK | CREW SOCKS    04/20/18  (17)
i don't take my wig off. and don't fucking cum in me. (tsinah)    04/20/18  (29)
Rate this angry soccer mom    04/20/18  (6)
benzo, why don't you talk about nyc anymore?    04/20/18  (3)
average CockSize statistics are total flame to make people feel BIG    04/20/18  (3)
Jawbreaker - Jinx Removing is about modding the PR board    04/20/18  (5)
benzo, maybe prison will teach you how to lie better    04/20/18  (11)
mold in my apartment has caused a nasal polyp & makes it difficult to breath    04/20/18  (24)
Why is watchmen so retarded?    04/20/18  (4)
Global aluminum prices are up 25% since Trump sanctioned Rusal    04/20/18  (3)
Who the fuck is BLP? You make up these stupid abbreviations    04/20/18  (3)
Anyone else notice that xo is much more useful lately? Life advice, going solo    04/20/18  (2)
party girl tp is hot AF    04/20/18  (4)
wmtp has recruited most shitmods, he should be held accountable    04/20/18  (4)
Swaziland changes name to eSwatini    04/20/18  (1)
average height statistics are TOTAL FLAME to make people feel tall    04/20/18  (2)
Lawman8 please stay awake tonight and keep us safe from BLP and benzo    04/20/18  (2)
Why hasn't watchmen settled the lawman8-bloodacre feud yet?    04/20/18  (22)
How much lawman8 cum is inside BLP right now?    04/20/18  (1)
Polite reminder that TSINAH records and saves all xoapes TinyChats    04/20/18  (85)
What did you bros get on the ASVAB?    04/20/18  (1)
Why are Filipinos such good singers?    04/20/18  (2)
RATE this section 8 apartment    04/20/18  (1)
My brother just bought a Lexus GX460    04/20/18  (14)
Benzo can't even fabricate a fake xo poast    04/20/18  (1)
benzo just posted a picture of me from college and then blanked it    04/20/18  (12)
ljl at tsinahs "patents." just a strapon duct taped to a jason mraz cutout.    04/20/18  (56)
I can out BLP if anyone would like that.    04/20/18  (5)
Lil Peep, on the track with me, one mistake, and we clap 50.    04/20/18  (1)
Hey Watchmen, what are you going to do about BLP?    04/20/18  (55)
Tzina, why did your parents pick this name for you?    04/20/18  (3)
Lawman8 GAPED the fuck out of BLP's fat little boihole wow    04/20/18  (3)
best part of benzos TSINAH is gay for mraz posting is benzo actually sucks dicks    04/20/18  (6)
Its a special day today.    04/20/18  (2)
luis fully nude in his 500 sq ft 1 br Sunnyvale apartment ($2850/mo    04/20/18  (4)
Wait so a histrionic mod with an obesity problem and a felon with aids teamed up    04/20/18  (3)
NEW JAMIE XX ON HOLD REMIX    04/20/18  (13)
Glad lawman8 revealed the truth about BLP. Thank you    04/20/18  (12)
Have to admit to you guys. You know how you all thought I have BIGCOCK, well...    04/20/18  (50)
have any of your major life assumptions been seriously wrong?    04/20/18  (68)
Trump Attorney Cohen Drops Dossier Lawsuits Against Fusion GPS, BuzzFeed    04/20/18  (5)
cliffs on blp drama?    04/20/18  (49)
jfc just realized i overcharged client 3k fma    04/20/18  (2)
Bloodacre did something happen? My ass feels weird (wmtp)    04/20/18  (11)
hey can we just BAN TSINAH already; shit poster + he's unhinged all the time    04/20/18  (4)
*no one* on xo is better at drama than me    04/20/18  (9)
SUMMON: MODS    04/20/18  (7)
holy shit, I just obtained Officer G's arrest report on benzo    04/20/18  (7)
Can someone restore the thread BLP nuked when he got BTFO tonight?    04/20/18  (6)
In what year will each of the following become an OFFICIAL LANGUAGE of the USA?    04/20/18  (8)
The way I see it, theres 2 kinds of ppl, those who GET baby goldstein and queers    04/20/18  (3)
Wow, g eazy ruined this yo gotti track. (link)    04/20/18  (2)
*bloodacre takes a huge shit* "I'm a dad now!"    04/20/18  (1)
Boner police    04/20/18  (3)
bloodacre, how long do you think it'd take to finish this?    04/20/18  (3)
California is a dystopia, the lib failure is obvious    04/20/18  (1)
Chandler and Kenny, what were your costs for setting up your practice    04/20/18  (9)
My nephew asked me what it's like to be a lawyer. I showed him this    04/20/18  (3)
Are these TTT grads better looking than T14 grads    04/20/18  (7)
Can't remember the last time someone got blown out as fast as BLP tonight    04/20/18  (3)
PROLE TELL: "5-star" restaurants    04/20/18  (10)
There is nothing more fire than watchmen's ROLLS ROYCE    04/20/18  (6)
i am a circumsiced gentile    04/20/18  (14)
Mom diagnosed with aggressive cancer at 55...    04/20/18  (43)
"So, we got any rats spinning here tonight?" (XO comedian)    04/20/18  (6)
Young Thug with the slapper. (link)    04/20/18  (2)
Shout out to my haters (peterman)    04/20/18  (20)
Baby Goldstein sues makers of Boss Baby for copyright infringement    04/20/18  (3)
Kenny and I are going to start a shitlaw firm together    04/20/18  (30)

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