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Oscar voter: "The love for Get Out is dumb. Scream was a smarter horror movie"

Tactful way of saying Get Out is an AA nominee: "Get...

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Date: February 13th, 2018 11:13 AM
Author: cannon

Tactful way of saying Get Out is an AA nominee:

"Get Out?

I’m a bit confused by Get Out. Not by understanding the film—I understood the film fine—I’m just not 100% sure why they made that one the social statement of the year. I thought it was an intelligent, sophisticated psychological horror film. But I’m completely confused by why it got all that attention. I actually got more out of the Scream movies as far as intellectual twists on horror films, and they’re making Get Out as this huge statement, and I don’t quite see the depth of it that other people are seeing. Another film I would have definitely put on my list is Mudbound. I would have put that up for Best Picture. It did for me everything they’re claiming Get Out does"